Documents and Forms


These documents and forms are for use within the BVHA.




Regulations (to be read in conjuction with the Constitution)



BVHA Strategic Plan 2015-2020



2019 Competition By-Laws

2019 Schedule of Fees and Fines

Permit Application

Clearance Form

Dual Registration Form (links to the Hockey SA Dual Registration page)



Injury Report Form

Emergency Services Contact Numbers (for services close to our hockey grounds)



Pitch Hire Form - Affiliated Clubs and Rep Teams

Pitch Hire Form - Schools and Other

Turf Rules of Use

ASF Donation Form



BVHA Extreme Weather Policy - this policy is to ensure the safety of all participants in BVHA competitions and events (includes hot weather policy)

BVHA H2H Adverse Weather Policy - this policy is to ensure that H2H program participants enjoy a productive and safe program, and that in cases of cancellation sufficient notification is given if possible.

BVHA Turf Management Policy - this policy seeks to ensure that the artificial turf is protected from damage and the surface maintained in good condition to ensure a prolonged life is achieved.

BVHA Facilities Signage Policy - this policy provides guidance for the approval of requests for temporary and permanent signage.

BVHA Facilities Sponsorship Policy - this policy provides guidance to clubs seeking to enter into sponsorship agreements that may involve requests to display signage at the BVHA facility

BVHA Smoke Free Policy - this policy is to help protect non-smokers from the effects of passive smoking and to provide positive role modelling for junior members

Safe Transport Policy - this policy is to provide members with responsible choices regarding driving under the influence

BVHA Alcohol Management Policy - this policy is to ensure that the BVHA meets its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members and guests who attend our functions where alcohol is served.



The BVHA supports and is bound by the following policies listed on the Hockey Australia and Hockey SA websites.

Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy 

This Member Protection Policy aims to ensure that every person involved in our sport is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from abuse. This policy also ensures that everyone involved in hockey is aware of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.

The Member Protection Policy includes Child Protection, Images of Children, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment, Sexual Relationships, Pregnancy, Gender Identity, Alcohol, Smoking, Cyber Bullying and Social Networking Policies as well as Codes of behaviour.

Other Hockey Australia Policies

  • Anti Doping Policy
  • Junior Hockey Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • National Database Policy

Hockey SA Social Media Policy