Senior Country Championships

State Country Championships

The State Country Championships are held at the State Hockey Centre, generally on a weekend in May.

These championships are not only beneficial for the promotion of hockey in regional areas but also give senior players an opportunity to continue representing their associations at a high level, assist in identifying talent from regional areas and improve and strengthen the State Country, Association and local competitions.

A State Country Men’s and Women’s squad will be selected with nominations being received from players prior and during the Championships.

The State Country Championships include a division one men’s and women’s competition. It is intended that this Championship be focused on country athletes with a capped number of Premier League players. 

Trials and Training

Trail and training dates will be put up on the BVHA website, Facebook page and sent out to each club as they become available.


The BVHA covers all costs associated with team nominations. The BVHA loans a uniform shirt that must be returned in undamaged, clean condition. Players will need to wear their own plain black shorts/skirt. There may be a cost for a pair of association socks.


 Selection Policy

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