BVHA Rules and ByLaws

Playing Rules and By-Laws

FIH Rules of Hockey

The FIH uses a 2-year cycle for rule changes, modifications, interpretations, experimental rules etc. 2019 is the first year of the current cycle.

As a footnote to this, however, please note that the FIH "IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES RETAINS THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES"- should this occur you will be notified accordingly.

Note also that the BVHA may introduce Local Rules to be played in competitions. These appear in an Appendix attached to the BVHA By-Laws.

To view the FIH Rules of Hockey, effective from 1 Jaunary 2019, please click here . This link will also take you to other relevant documents issued by the FIH, including any changes implemented between cycles.


BVHA Competition By-Laws and Local Rules

These By-Laws are for the conduct of the BVHA competitions. They should be read in conjuction with the BVHA Constitution and the FIH Rules (see above). The By-Laws can be viewed on the Documents and Forms page Here

The BVHA occasionally introduces Local Rules as variations to the FIH Rules. These pertain only to competitions run within the BVHA. See Appendix A attached to the Competition By-Laws for any Local Rules for the current season.


Team Uniforms

The official team uniforms for each club can be seen HERE. All players in the team, except the GK, must wear the official team uniform. The GK must wear a top of a different colour to their own team and the opposition. All players except the GK must have a number on the back of their shirt.

Uniform clashes: in the case of a uniform clash the team advised by the BVHA must wear a different colour shirt and/or socks. Alternate shirts must have numbers on the back.

  • Senior teams from the same club in the same grade to sort themselves out.
  • Bibs will suffice as an alternative shirt in junior grades.

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