For all matters concerning umpiring please contact the BVHA Director of Umpire Development at .


Umpire Development

New Umpires
The BVHA has conducted a successful umpire development program for a number of years. If you wish to be a part of the program please contact the Director of Umpire Development. 

Umpiring For Juniors
The BVHA offers opportunities for new young umpires to practice and participate in umpiring. For more information read the section on the Coloured Shirt Program below.

Umpiring Accreditations
The BVHA recommends the Hockey Australia HockeyEd umpire education framework. There are umpire education levels from beginner through to elite levels. For further information please see HockeyEd Umpiring.

Umpire Information Nights
The BVHA aims to facilitate at least two umpire forums each year. Information will be distributed via clubs, this website and Facebook. Attendance at least one forum may be a requirement for payment.

Umpire Mentoring
The BVHA aims to provide all development umpires with mentoring from a more experienced umpire. The frequency of mentoring will depend on the umpire's current ability and the availability of suitable mentors. Mentoring is particularly important for the new young umpires in the Green Shirt Program. If you are interested in becoming an umpire mentor, or in receiving some mentoring please contact the BVHA Director of Umpire Development.

Coloured Shirt Program

The BVHA's Coloured Shirt Program is an umpire education and development program that aims to use experienced umpires to mentor new and inexperienced umpires. 

Under this program new and inexperienced umpires wear a green coloured shirt to signify that they are learning and are being supported by a mentor in a similar fashion to a learner driver displaying ‘L’ plates on the road.

Aims of the Coloured Shirt Program

  • Make new umpires easily identifiable, so that they are easy to recognise and support
  • Raise awareness and increase the recognition and support of new umpires
  • Assist in reducing pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new umpires
  • Create a culture of support towards new umpires via the education of players, spectators and coaches

If you see umpires wearing a green shirt at BVHA games then it is important for you to know that they are beginners. As with any “learner” they may make mistakes. Give them a chance to develop their skills without harassment and abuse. Just as players need to develop their skills so do the umpires.

If you'd like to be part of this program, or just to ge more details, contact . You can join at any time.


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