Coaching is a rewarding experience that allows you to help others achieve their potential and learn new skills. Coaches are an essential part of hockey in the BVHA, ranging from H2H beginner coaches and club coaches to representative team coaches. Many courses, seminars and resources are available for all levels of coaches.

The BVHA aims to offer accreditation opportunities for any coach wanting to achieve that under the Hockey Australia Hockey Ed coach accreditation framework.

This page provides links to some resources that coaches in the BVHA have found particularly useful.


Coaching Resources

Hockey Australia coaching resources

This link will take you to the Hockey Australia Coach page. There you can find information on coaching qualifications and resources.

Hockey SA coaching resources


Files for Download - see links at bottom of this page:

  • Hockey SA U13 Boys State Team Game Plan - A useful presentation for junior teams, including roles of defence, midfielders and attackers.
  • Hockey SA Junior Hockey Seminar - Includes a matrix of skills relevant at each age level
  • Hockey SA Junior Coaching Drills



Hockey Australia coaching app for iPad and iPhone


Leading Positive Behaviour

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What You Say Matters
As a coach you are a major influence on players. You directly influence their attitudes, behaviours and performance, and are a strong influence on their satisfaction and continued involvement in hockey. This effect can be either positive or negative and has much to do with what you say or don’t say. So what have you been saying lately – because what you say matters! This resource provides information, strategies and tips to enhance your communication skills. You will find it on the Hockey Australia Policies and Resources page.


Accreditation and Training Opportunities

Hockey Ed

Hockey ED accreditation
You can visit the Hockey Australia Coach page to read about the various qualification levels and what is required, or go directly to Hockey Ed where you can take or renew the online coaching qualifications.

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