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Under our constitution:

  • Our Board is comprised of up to 7 Elected Directors, and up to two additional appointed directors if wanted.
  • Directors are elected for a two year term. Any appointed directors have a one year term.
  • At least half the Elected Directors must retire every year, but are eligible for re-election.
  • The Board must call for nominations for Elected Directors vacancies at least 30 days prior to the AGM.

We currently have a Board of 5 Elected Directors and 2 appointed Director.

Remaining on the Board (positions not up for election) are 3 Director – Darryl Barden, Gail Kirby, Marty Gallasch

Four have terms that expire this AGM. Kurtis Lamond, Danni Casey with Craig Wayling retiring during the season.

Danni Casey will be renominating.

Cara Jones-Readle, who was an appointed Director of Finance this year, is nominating.

So, we have a maximum of two elected positions vacant. Under our Regulation we list portfolios considered essential that will be taken into consideration when nominations are called for. Portfolios can be combined (undertaken by the same director), extra portfolios created as seen necessary by the Board at the time or up to two more directors appointed by the elected Board to fill vacant portfolios.


  • Director of Hockey (Legal and Governance matters)
  • Director of Finance (Treasurer) – Cara Jones-Readle (nominating)
  • Director of Administration (Secretary)
  • Director of Competitions
  • Director of Umpiring
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Facilities


The new Board would have to decide the allocation of portfolios to the newly elected and remaining directors. If there were any of the essential portfolios vacant after that they would have to consider whether they still considered that position essential (and if not, change the Regulations) or find an appointed director to fill the position.


Note that the BVHA President is not a position elected by the members. The Board elects the Chair from their members (who can call themselves President).


Attached is:

  • 2020 organisation structure – gives a brief overview of each role for reference.
  • Board nomination form


Please give serious consideration as to who you think might make suitable nominees to the Board and encourage them to nominate. Directors are not on the Board as club representative and must act in the best interest of the Association as a whole, but it helps to have a diverse group. Club Presidents cannot be members of the BVHA board.

Nominations for the Board close Monday 16 November 2020. If there are not more nominations received than positions vacant then those nominees will be declared elected. If there are not enough nominations for the positions to be filled, then nominations will be called from the floor of the AGM. If there are more nominations than vacancies then an election will be held at the AGM. Any vacancies at the end of the AGM will be filled by the Board as casual vacancies.

If you would like more information on joining the Board please call Secretary Gail Kirby 0418 368232

Files for download
2020 BVHA Organisational Chart Board of Directors Nomination Form 2020

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