COVID Regulation Update for Sport

Published Thu 01 Jul 2021

What we need to know to continue our Sport!

*sign in using the QR code or manually

*1 person per 2sqm, but does not include people undertaking official duties for the purpose of the activity.

* Onsite purchase and consumption of food and beverages is permitted at a place if - Snack or hand held food or alcoholic beverages can be consumed standing outdoors while attending sport


** The BVHA as a organisation with a COVID Safe Plan are required to display a COVID SAfe Check-In QR Code, and also provide an alternate paper record sheet, for contact tracing records. PLEASE CHECK IN - you are responsible to do this

** Where there are multiple user groups, the BVHA have asked each club to be responsible for their members of control and management at the venues to enable the contract tracing process to take place.


**COVID Marshals are required from each club to be visible at their trainings and when they have a team playing at a venue.


BHVA has a approved COVID Management Plan which does define public activities that is expected for 1000 people will be participating in the activity.

It is in your best interest, as a member and a player, to adhere to the COVID Plan so that we can continue Playing the Game we Love!![0]=AZWdRKTdD0mkLvbYeRcpCD9hRcfJ_zroUl3WzVFumn4oBUMasZUsExTOtu3fT47gWgPtfM1Ic46RoRZ49TjxxK0kbgf9ynjoZvBKEgolT5EWT0bjruY6RsKj2qU3KN_STSK_XPbiSazZOs8175VmzN43B4lAtRgy7AMDVR_wveZuGw&__tn__=EH-y-R


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